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Local Offer

At Crawley Down Village C of E School all children are valued, respected and welcomed to the school whatever their needs. The School believes that each child is unique and is a valued and important member of the school community. We recognise that the goals for each child are the same but the help that individual children need in progressing towards them will be different.

Identification of Needs:

All children have access to a broad and balanced curriculum. Teachers have high expectations for every child and lessons are highly differentiated. Assessments are used to set targets and potential areas of difficulty are identified and addressed as quickly as possible. Some children will, however, require additional support to help them access the curriculum fully. In this situation, parents are invited to meet with the class teacher and/or SENDCo to discuss any intervention programmes needed to be put in place to best support the child’s needs. Parents are encouraged to approach either the class teacher or SENDCo if they have any concerns about their child.


The Class Teachers and SENDCo, ensure that provision is fully implemented and these intervention programmes will include quality first teaching, as well as work with support staff using a variety of resources and equipment. This will involve different approaches including small group work and 1:1 support, either within the classroom setting or by withdrawing the child/children and working in a quiet, undisturbed area. The school has staff trained in Speech and Language, Dyslexia, Down’s Syndrome, Autism, Diabetes and Mentoring. Our classrooms cater for all styles of learning and aim to promote independent learners.


We believe that everyone learns in different ways and therefore should be taught in a multi-sensory way. All children with special needs are fully included within the school and lessons are as inclusive as possible; adjustments being made according to need. Children with SEND are included on all school visits and residential trips and parents are actively encouraged to assist and be involved by being helpers in school and on the visits. Additional risk assessments are put in place accordingly. The school building is fully wheelchair friendly and has a large Disabled Toilet. It also has a hoist in the Medical Room.

Other Support and Arrangements:

Crawley Down School has a strong professional relationship with a range of outside agencies and services, as well as the other schools within the East Grinstead locality (EGGS). These include the Speech and Language Therapy Service, Learning and Behaviour Advisory Team, Autism and Social Communication Team, Occupational Therapy, School Nurses, Family Support Workers and the Educational Psychology Team. It also has strong links with the PSDS Charity for Downs Syndrome Children. All staff are trained in Safeguarding. The school provides accommodation for Jeli Club which is a breakfast and after school club to support working parents.



A comprehensive programme is in place to support children moving to the school from Pre-School and for those moving on to secondary education. This includes liaison with the Pre School/receiving school, visits for both parents and children, transition support books and support groups with the Learning Mentor prior to leaving. ‘Passports’ and photo books are also used to aid transition of SEND children.

Parental Involvement:

Curriculum data is tracked half termly and progress is shared termly with parents at consultation evenings/ILP meetings. Children with Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) and Education Health Care Plans/Statements will meet with the Class Teacher and/or SENDCo at least once a term to discuss the progress of their child. They will also be invited in to meet with any professionals working with their child. All parents are encouraged to talk to the class teacher if they have any concerns about their child and each child in the school has a School Reading Diary/Communication Book which can be used by staff and parents to record any communications. The SENDCo and Learning Mentor endeavour to be available to meet parents whenever issues arise.

The school Website is regularly updated to inform parents of upcoming events and Year Groups share their learning on their own pages of the website.

Crawley Down School has a strong Fund Raising Team which meets regularly to discuss the needs of the school and how to raise funds.

Further Information:

Crawley Down is part of the East Grinstead Group of Schools (EGGS) and NEST (SEND Hub network for East Grinstead and surrounding areas).