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Comments from a child:

A few words from Jessica about Jeli Club -

Jeli Club is a nice place. It has nice arty things and some other stuff. I am very proud of Jeli Club because they are very kind to us. It is very lovely at Jeli Club when I come Jeni, Lisa, Janine, and Tracey they are very nice to people when someone comes to Jeli Club. We make playdough, bracelets, necklaces, clay and everything else we make at Jeli Club, and we get to keep what we make. Jeli Club is the best thing in the whole world and it's very nice when I come because they are always nice to me. Love from Jessica xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Comments from a parent:


Jeli Club is fantastic, Jessica loves going to both Breakfast Club and the after school session. The whole team are brilliant, Jessica is happy, which makes my mornings and afternoons stress free knowing she's in capable hands. Jessica can be a fussy eater, but the improvement in her willingness to try different foods has increased immensely. The activities are constructive and most of all fun to do. I can't recommend Jeli Club highly enough, an all round excellent team and service.

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